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About the Program

Are you ready to take your health to the next level? 

Are you ready to tap into your inner healer and create more vitality in your life? 

This four-week online program educates, empowers and equips YOU to Ignite Your Inner Healer for surviving cancer and chronic illness. 

It doesn't matter what color ribbon you wear, if you are in treatment or years out of it, or if you have a chronic illness. The goal is to increase your quality of life with tools doctors don't teach. We will be talking about wellness not illness. It's about survivorship. 

Diane Paradise, 6-time, 25 year cancer survivor will share with you her survivorship skills in three areas - Mind, Body, and Spirt/Soul to integrate into your current treatment. You will try them out and by the end of the program you will determine which ones you will use in your Personal Health Plan. 

We will meet for 90 minutes once a week and you will receive a workbook for that week. There will be 1-2 hours of discovery work when not in class. 

This program includes several bonuses:

  • 1 Hour coaching session with Diane 

  • Several interview videos with survivors 

  • Guided meditations

  • Private FB group 

About Diane Paradise

Sitting in the doctor’s office at 24 years old and hearing the words “You have cancer” took my breath away and thrust me into a whole new world. A world where the language sounded foreign, the places were cold, and I was a human pin cushion. 


I knew nothing about cancer, chemotherapy, and the medical system. 


It felt like a whirlwind as I was placed on a cancer conveyor belt nodding yes to everything the doctor suggested without questioning anything. 


I thought by saying yes, it meant I would survive this devastating disease. Docs are experts, right? 


Well, sort of. Doctors study their profession for years. They understand cancer, but they don’t understand how cancer will respond in your particular body. It is not the same as the next person with the same disease. There is more to cancer than a tumor or a cell. 


As a 6-time cancer survivor over a 25-year period, I learned the hard way cancer is a physical manifestation of imbalances in our mind, body, and spirit. 


To truly heal, you need to learn to take care of you on all of these levels. 


I learned dozens of emotional survivorship skills and tools that help heal the whole person – mind, body, spirit/soul - by tapping into into my inner healer. After three death sentences, 6 bouts with 2 different types of cancer, I am still here. Integrating the medical doctors’ guidance and treatments with my own personal health strategy was the key to my survival.  


Now I want to share them with you. 


Why? This is what I was missing. Someone to hold my hand and teach me everything they knew to increase health in all areas of my life, not just eradicate the cancer. 

They aren't enough survivorship programs to help people adjust to their "new normal." This program fills that gap and shows you how to make your new normal just as beautiful or even more so than your original normal. 



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