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More About Me

The Time is Now to Believe in your Survival more than you have ever believed in anything! 

- Diane Paradise

Who Am I? 

I’m Diane Paradise, and it's my purpose to help women with serious chronic illness become resilient and give themselves permission to heal from within as they work towards healing their physical ailments. 

I spent my whole life feeling unseen, unheard and unworthy. I was constantly trying to prove my worth to others, which only led to creating more pain under the surface. At the age of 24, the pain of my wounds came to a head when I was diagnosed with an incurable form of lymphatic cancer.  

Between 1994 and 2013 I would suffer a total of FIVE cancer diagnosis - all with a terminal prognosis. Over the next xx years, I continually underwent conventional treatment as well as naturopathic alternatives to manage the disease.  

During all those years dealing with the physical and emotional ups and downs that go hand in hand with a prognosis such as this, I learned so much. But the one thing I finally learned that quite literally saved my life, was that my fear of dealing with my emotional and spiritual wounds was what was killing me – and the commitment to healing through loving myself profoundly, is what saved me. 

My life journey has taught me a lot about how to heal old wounds and how to manage chronic disease and return to better health. Becoming an expert in survivorship has also provided the foundation from which I now draw on as a spiritual coach, speaker and author.  

After a Double Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant in 2013 that cured the cancer once-and-for-all, I began to be fueled by my desire to share my story and help other women heal. I became a certified Life and Holistic Nutrition Coach in 2011 and I now also hold a certification as a Spiritual Life Coach from the University of Wellness. 

I want women to heal from the inside out and recognize their real purpose in life. The great spiritual teacher Louise Hay taught us that our physical ailments really do come from our emotional wounds (some of which we are not even aware of) that need to be healed. I am passionate about watching my client's transform as they uncover their wounds, do the work to process them and free up space within to be filled with divine love. 

It took me years to accept who I am and love ME with all my imperfections. Let’s be real, some days I still struggle - I was my own client for years! I now share everything I’ve learned to help others in a Love ME Revolution. It’s my honor and my soul’s purpose to help you feel that same love and acceptance for yourself and heal. 

I reside in Gilbert, Arizona with my wonderful husband of 11 years and our two soft coated wheaten terriers - 13-year-old named Sophie Girl and 10-month-old Piper Petals. My love-letter life includes plenty of exercise, zip lines, reiki, solo-dance parties in my kitchen and loving on my fantastic family and friends.