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Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker


We are at our greatest when we inspire, encourage and connect with another human being - Maya Angelou 

Now is the time to heal from within and move forward in life with passion and purpose. To be grounded in self-love is attainable and learnable. As a 5-time survivor of cancer, I know how to guide you to rethink your life in the most beautiful way, one step at a time. You are needlessly hurting. It’s time to rise, to heal and know you are whole and complete just as you are.  

Inspiring Others to Live Boldly


My favorite work is to inspire audiences big and small through my story of survival and self-love. I bring an inspirational, can-do, nothing is impossible attitude to all of my speaking programs.  

I share my story of courage during my 19-year, 5- time journey with cancer with a strong dedication to educate, encourage and empower those fighting chronic illness and terminal disease.  

I’m known for my compassionate, spiritual presence, but am tenacious when I need to be, and I don't back down. Audiences get a real sense of who I am and how I’ve lived my principles to dig deep, find courage and bravery in my darkest hours.  

Through these principles and real commitment to self I show people how to find their own courage and change their perspective on what they are facing.  

KEYNOTE: 19 Years to Life 

My keynote speech is one that will leave you embracing adversity, finding meaning amongst the challenges and encouraging you to live life to the fullest. You will come away realizing that all of it - even the messy things - are blessings. 19 Years to Life provides a multitude of uplifting messages, anchored in my 24-year cancer journey that will encourage and empower those who hear it to never give up.  

Healing the physical disease is only the first step in the journey of survivorship. The emotional toll of surviving disease, physical adversity and trauma is often much more complex and difficult to heal. At a time when the physical body is at its most vulnerable the emotional toll can be just as debilitating. This program focuses on the imperative need to ensure the emotional and spiritual aspects of our selves during and after illness is tended to. Participants of this powerful keynote walk away with tools and inspiration to draw from such as:  

  • 3 gems of emotional survivorship  

  • Becoming your own survivorship expert 

  • Building resiliency 

  • The power of hope 


I can customize all of the survivorship gems into workshops and seminars for a more intimate gathering of survivors. 

Videos of Diane

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