For Every Fear that Shakes Your Peace,

For every night you feel alone, 

For every moment you lose a little hope,

there is an angel who whispers I am here.    

- Anna Taylor, UK

Spiritual Services

As an angel intuitive and Reiki Master, I love sharing my spiritual gifts with people looking for deeper support. All my spiritual services can be done via distance so you can enjoy receiving them from the comfort of your home.  I also have a home office in Gilbert, Arizona if you are local and prefer in-person readings and/or Reiki and energy work. 

Angel Intuitive Session

It is my honor and privilege to connect with your angels. I want to clarify a few things about sessions with me.  

I don’t know your birthday, how many kids you have or what you do for a living.   

I am a channel or a conduit between you, your angels and the Archangels. The angels show me pictures, give me feelings and words. I share what I see, feel and hear. I use Angel cards to confirm and clarify the message I receive.  

Angels provide encouragement, support and guidance for you. Sometimes though, things that are harder to handle come up. I know when it’s a heavy topic because a sadness overcomes me. Maybe the angels want to talk to you about forgiving someone in your life or about speaking your truth. Or maybe the angels want to remind you to take better care of yourself. The good news is the angels always end on a beautiful and encouraging thought.  You will know that this reading is from your angels because they often give me words and situations that resonate with you. Remember all outcomes can change due to our free will.  
I believe from the depth of my soul that God called me to offer hope and healing through this connection with the Angels. This is one way I do that. 

60 minutes - $100 

30 minutes - $60


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality for stress release and reduction that can be done in person or via distance healing. The word “reiki” is made of two Japanese words – Rei with means “God’s wisdom” or “the Higher Power” and Ki which means “life force energy." Reiki helps the whole system work in harmony. It is especially helpful at reducing stress and anxiety while dealing with disease, illness or a crisis.  

As a certified Reiki Master, I work as a conduit for the energy to flow through me to you, going where you need to release stress.  I offer these healing sessions both in person or distance.

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $65 

Personalized Guided Meditation 

Meditation promotes stress reduction and relaxation through music and words. I will develop a personalized meditation for you after either a coaching session or angel intuitive clarity session to help you move forward in your life and manifest miracles. 

$30 per recorded meditation


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