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  • 6-time Cancer Survivor 
Diane Paradise
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I help women living with cancer and other

chronic illnesses tap into their inner healer and

build resilience by teaching them

proven emotional survivorship skills.

About Me

Hi! I'm Diane and I am here to help others overcome the fear, isolation and powerlessness that comes with serious illness and disease. 

I want you to know that you are so much stronger than you think you are. That your ‘new’ normal can be just as beautiful, or even more so, than the ‘original’ normal. But most of all, I want you to believe in your survival more than you’ve ever believed in anything.  

On a journey that often makes you feel powerless I help you realize the enormous power you hold within you by teaching you how to pull yourself out of the dark moments and see that there is still light.  

You are a warrior. You can thrive despite your circumstances.  

I know this is true because I have been in the trenches. I’ve had lymphatic cancer FIVE times. THREE diagnosed death sentences. As well as breast cancer and a double mastectomy in the last year. My 25-year health crisis equipped me with a full arsenal of spiritual tools and techniques that are entrenched in healing at a soul-ular level.  
I know first-hand that your experience with chronic or terminal disease can transform your life for the positive and change you in ways you never imagined.  

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Yellow Daffodils


Through seminars and workshops, I help audiences learn how to heal from within by taking the power that fear has in their lives and using it as a springboard toward their goals.  

Stones of Meaning


Looking at your health at a ‘soul-ular” level makes this coaching unique.  We go beyond the physical symptoms and into other contributing emotional and mindset factors by utilizing spiritual health coaching techniques. Next we develop an action plan to make the changes necessary to find your divine spark. 

Rock Maze

Spiritual Healing

Connecting with the Divine Heart of God and his angels to provide guidance, clarity and peace to clients through angel intuitive clarity sessions, distance reiki and personalized guided meditation. 


Brook Rowe, Executive Director, Leukemia & Lymphoma

Society of Delaware

Diane has been on such an emotional journey through her 24+ years of cancer diagnosis and treatment that many people could not handle, let alone articulate. Nonetheless, Diane is not only willing to share her story with others but does so in such a beautiful way that you can't help but feel immediately connected and part of that journey. Her story will compel you and leave you with the motivation that one genuinely can overcome any battle in life when that battle is fought with relentless courage.


Chase Hyson, Owner of Mindbody Center,
West Virginia


Diane has been coaching me bi-weekly for almost 3 months now and I’ve made strides! She really helps keep me on task and grounds me back into reality so that I can start applying my thoughts into my every day life. I used to sit around and think about all the things I wanted to do, after one session I was accomplishing my thoughts and dreams. As a life coach myself, I highly recommend Diane’s services, her intuition is on point!!


Kerissa Kuis, Owner, 

University of Wellness,
West Virginia

Diane is an incredible intuitive. She 

truly listens to the voice of a higher 

power and never projects her own 

views or beliefs in her readings. She 

has a unique ability to allow herself to get out of the way and truly hear divine guidance. I highly recommend Diane 

for coaching or readings. She is a true Angel and will help you move through 

the voice of fear into a beautiful 

space in your life.

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